How to change the time and date for any Omninote system


  1. Hold down the “Shift” key and press the “Return/Enter
    key once. The “From Name (25 CHARS MAX)?” prompt
    will appear on the display.
  2. Release the “Shift” and “Return/Enter” keys.
  3. Press the “Return/Enter” key repeatedly until you reach the
    Enter Password” prompt.
  4. Type in the password: “USER”. The password will not appear on the display as you type. Then press the “Return/Enter” key. The display will briefly show the phrase “Please Wait”.
  5. After the “Please Wait” prompt clears, the “CHANGE TIME”
    prompt will appear in the display. Follow the format shown
    within the parentheses†.
  6. Type in the correct time.
    (Example: Type 10:30, then press the spacebar key once, then type
    AM or PM.
  7. Press the spacebar key once, then type in the correct date.
    Again, follow the format shown within the parentheses.
    (Example: Type 07/01/04) See the detailed example below†.
  8. Press the “Return/Enter” key once.
  9. The unit will display “Please Wait”.
  10. After “Please Wait” clears and you see the program prompt
    Delete this unit (Y=Yes, N=No)?”, press the “Cancel” key
    to return the display back to the date and time*.
  11. Changing the time and date from one unit will adjust the time for
    the entire Omninote network.

*If you see the error message “FORMAT ERROR!!!” press the CANCEL key once to return to the CHANGE TIME PROMPT.

† This is the only format acceptable for Omninote time and date programming: