Flash Messages

Every business professional has contacts that are too important to be placed on hold or routed to voice mail. According to Office Systems magazine, 75% of business calls are not completed on the first try.

Perfect for the busy executive, the flash message feature makes sure that prompt attention and the correct response is given to important calls.

How it works

For example, you are on the phone with your broker and your competitor’s largest customer calls. Your assistant sends you a flash message—”Mr. Jones of Mammoth Buying Group is holding.”

You instantly choose one of 18 preprogammed reply choices by pressing a function button.

F1 - Hold
F2 - Send the call in immediately
F3 - Take a message
F4 - I will return call within 5 minutes
...and more

Your assistant receives your preprogrammed response and advises Mr. Jones.

Telephone tag is avoided.

The most important calls are handled as they are received.