One-call guest service –
without the telephone call

Omninote can make the difference between just meeting your guest’s needs and anticipating them. Cutting response time means better communication among your hotel staff, and increased guest satisfaction.

All guest service can be “express service” with Omninote

Sending an Omninote message is as easy and direct as speaking face to face. But it’s more effective. There’s no time-wasting small talk. And Omninote provides both the sender and the receiver with hard copy printouts, documenting all messages.

For ultimate efficiency, your hotel’s most commonly used messages may be expedited by customizing an Omninote function key. For instance, the Front Desk may create a message to Housekeeping which states “Customer is checking out, please prepare room,” or “Please prep room for early arrival tomorrow" or "VIP Arrival."

  • Simplifies “one-call” guest service.

  • Improves the speed and efficiency of guest services

  • Reduces phone use while improving communications

  • Eliminates call holding, phone tag, miscommunications

  • A faster way to send and receive detailed information

  • Broadcast a single message simultaneously to several recipients or groups

  • A quieter, more discreet way to communicate internally — tones down noise level and improves ambience