Printed Messages

Quick communication plus a hard copy record.

Even with advances like email and voice mail, most people still spend too much time on the phone. As businesses work to improve productivity, employees are wasting time coping with busy signals, sitting on hold, weaving through automated menus and hanging up to try later when voice mail answers.

Omninote sends hard copy messages to one or more locations instantly. Message confirmation guarantees receipt of message. Extremely easy to use, anyone can learn to use Omninote in a few minutes.

Omninote offers a simple solution to these problems by sending a concise printed message directly to the intended person. Omninote messages get immediate attention since they print out right on the desk of the recipient. Because Omninote messages are time and date stamped and the sender and receiver each receive a printed copy, they receive a faster response than voice mail or phone calls. And Omninote is easy to use, with no complex software to learn.

Omninote can make a dramatic improvement in your productivity by saving time, reducing verbal misunderstandings, speeding communication and eliminating telephone tag.

The busier you are, the more you need Omninote!

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